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HWiNFO is an abbreviation of “hardware information,” and, as the name suggests, this application is meant to provide in-depth system information about your Windows PC. This app scans your PC and returns a bounty of information about your hardware.

HWiNFO comes with a near-minimalist interface, making it one of the best-looking system-information tools. Every section displayed is labelled and the information sections are neatly arranged in its two-window layout. The information is categorized on the basis of CPU and GPU information.

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This application is not only better than the traditional PC information wizards but is also very stable with no error messages or crashes. Apart from providing a quick overview of a system’s hardware configuration, it also provides real-time system monitoring that keeps an eye on processor cores and clock speeds. The tool also generates extensive reports and status loggings of your PC.

The application provides aggregated information on overall system resource utilization, but it doesn’t track the resource demands of individual applications. It is very stable and offers data widgets and real-time system monitoring, which makes it one of the best PC auditing tools for Windows.

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