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Chocolatey is a command line application installer aimed at simplifying the process of managing software updates on your Windows system. It is meant to easily obtain, install, or update all the required applications without having to manually undergo the interminable number of installation windows.

Although installing software or an application in Windows using the installation wizard is a cakewalk for almost all users, getting to that installation wizard can sometimes be a little tricky. Chocolatey can save a lot of valuable time for its users by automating the installation processes in the background.

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When a user inputs the software or applications that need to be installed or updated, the application package simply downloads the executable file from the official sites and automatically installs it without human intervention. In the case where the update or program you wish to install has some dependencies such as java or .NET frameworks, Chocolatey will install them too.

Chocolatey has a large number of applications and utilities available and has a massive repository of over 1,800 packages, making the process of background installations even more simplified and easy. The best part of this app is you can always incorporate Chocolatey’s install commands into your PowerShell scripts, making it even more scriptable.

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