Code Writer

Code Writer

Code Writer is a free code and text editor for Windows 10 that supports several programming languages. The application is similar to Notepad++ but offers a far better user interface along with several additional features and functionalities. What makes this app so useful is that it is very lightweight and offers an intuitive interface. Using Code Writer, programmers can easily navigate within the application to get their work done without having to bother about dealing with complex menus or confusing features.

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Code Writer supports over 20 different syntax-highlighted programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript, JSON, SQL, Perl, Ruby, C#, VB, C++, CSS, and more. In addition, some of the file types also support advanced functionalities such as showing syntax errors, code outlining, auto-case correct, and quick information. The application packs in different color previews, which comes in very handy in code analyzing and also in code highlighting.

It allows you to edit documents in a full-screen mode and lets you customize the font size, style, and theme of the editing environment. Code Writer bundles all the find/replace functionalities and also flags the modified documents for future reference. Code Writer lets you create new documents and can also browse to access an existing document from either your local PC or from online network drives such as OneDrive or OneNote.

Here are some other features of Code Writer

  • Code and text folding
  • Bulk search and replace
  • Can be made the default text editor via file association
  • Option to add custom file extensions for file types and remove unnecessary file types
  • Direct document print support
  • Autosaves the document when the app is closed

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